Smart Factory

Genbyte has been using “Quality First” as the core of manufacturing. Through reliable design, feasible manufacturability, and thorough quality planning, we are able to provide our clients the best quality. We believe quality can only be planned and is a learning progress. We are always improving and refining our quality standards and system.

Utilizing automated equipment and information system, we use this rich information to plan, analyze, improve, and optimize our manufacturing capability, moving toward industry 4.0.


Using in-house developed automated equipment and purchasing high-end imported automated equipment, Genbyte is gradually improving automation level, and will adapt to more automated solutions to follow industry 4.0.


Utilizing in-house developed MES system along with existing ERP, PLM, OA, and many other information system, Genbyte is able to achieve real-time monitoring, data sharing, data transferring, which greatly increase efficiency through out the company.

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