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Genbyte is committed to making machines and everything smarter. The artificial intelligence platform we develop can continuously learn and adapt to your behavior and the surrounding environment. Soon, whether it's a smartphone, a car or a home appliance, can provide us a highly personalized user experience in a more natural way.


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Device that can read your mind

The next generation of products will have higher reliability and more computing power and interactivity. These enhancements will apply to all the features and applications of artificial intelligence. End-products that integrate artificial intelligence will transform from passive tools to people's partners, helping us make decisions and even make decisions for us – such appliances will soon become as popular as today's smartphones.

AI Team

Computer Vision

Use cameras and computers instead of human eyes to identify, measure, and analyze targets



Knowledge mining, classification and analysis by capturing feature vectors and signal processing in speech information

Natural Language Processing

Big Data

Effective classification and application of human natural language using statistical probability and computer science

Use big data to provide business consulting solutions by extracting valid information and building mathematical models

Computer Vision

Information collection and feature vector

Collecting the main content of the static content of the image and the big data of the dynamic content of the video, and performing the detection, key point location and feature extraction of the collected information.

After a large amount of training and optimization based on the model (deep convolutional neural network), the corresponding recognition feedback information is given.

Image analysis
Final application
  • Smart Home

  • Smart Security

  • Biotechnology

  • AGV(automatic guided vehicle)

Audio Technology

Audio Signal Analysis 

Real-world analog signals are collected and further processed, including Fourier transform, MFCC feature extraction, noise reduction, and normalization to extract digital signals into feature vectors for audio recognition.

Audio Digital Recognition

The eigenvectors of the extracted audio are classified and identified, and mathematical models based on digital signals are established, including hidden Markov models, convolutional neural networks, similarities, and the like.

Final Application

Combined with other AI algorithm models, intelligent algorithms are finally embedded in front-end hardware applications to provide a convenient and fast user experience.

Natural Language Processing

Information Retrieval
and Recommendation
Voice Recongnition

Extensive industry applicability

In recent years, the application of the natural language processing industry has grown at a high speed, embodied in business intelligence, speech recognition, voice response, and big data analysis.



Deep Learning

After extracting the information and features in the text big data, it is applied to semantic analysis, information retrieval, and the like.


Use natural language processing to understand, retrieve, recommend, and respond to user information needs.

Big Data

Semi-supervised Analysis
Reinforce Learning

•Human-computer interaction algorithm optimization

•Email spam classification

Supervised Analysis
Regression Analysis
Label Classification

•Pattern recognition

•Biochemical pattern recognition

•Data marketization

•Information extraction

Data clustering
Dimension reduction

•Text image classification

•Feature vector selection in supervised analysis

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