Smart Power

Responsible for the development of digital control power related products, mainly including vehicle-specific conversion power supply and inverter power supply, generator inverter power supply and controller, high-voltage dust removal power supply and control system, small and medium power factor correction module, and many others.

Low-voltage DC Step Up Converter Technology

Technical Detail

Based on the push-pull series resonant soft-switching technology, the DSP control chip and zero-switch fine control technology are used to realize the high-efficiency boost conversion of the vehicle power supply, so that the related products comply with the EMC/EMI related standards of the vehicle regulations.


Power Factor Correction Technology

Technical Detail

Based on the traditional current harmonic component control technology, the feedforward technology and multiple interleaved digital control algorithms are used to achieve high power density, high power factor correction, low harmonic components and small volume, so that related products meet the international certification standards such as the European Union. .

High-efficiency Inverter Technology

Technical Detail

Based on automatic grid-connected technology of generator inverter control, phase feed-forward control technology, and current sinusoidal reconstruction technology, switch dead zone compensation technology and digital control adaptive current sharing technology are used to realize multiple generators, grid-connected power generation and Hot swap function.



High Gain High Voltage Conversion Technology

Technical detail

Based on double closed-loop adaptive high-voltage power supply control technology, it adopts double-tube positive flyback, double-voltage conversion technology and current-priority and voltage limit double-closed loop design to achieve high control bandwidth, rapid protection, good arc-extinguishing effect, etc. Greatly improving accuracy and stability.


Product Application

RV Inverter

Utilize series resonant soft switching technology and digital parallel technology.

Applicable to products such as miniature photovoltaic inverters, car air conditioners, car refrigerators, etc., which are characterized by small size and high efficiency.

Control Power Supply

Frequency conversion continuous conduction mode technology can achieve high efficiency, low EMI and high power factor solution compared to the traditional PFC control mode, greatly reducing the size of the power supply, easily meeting the latest energy efficiency requirements while meeting EN61000-3- 2 Class C and D standards requirements.

Suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, pumps, fans, LED lights and other products.

Inverter AC

Utilize three-phase interleaved PFC and voltage, current double closed loop and feed-forward control technologies.

Also applicable to floor heating, heat pump and high-power appliances, which has the characteristics of low pollution to the power grid and low cost.

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