Cooling System

Responsible for the development of refrigeration system related products, mainly including small and medium air conditioning control systems, refrigerator freezer control systems, car refrigerator air conditioning control systems, medical freezer control systems.

Temperature and Humidity Control Technology

Technical detail

Based on the latent heat model temperature and humidity control technology, the humidity is converted into the latent heat digital form, and the sensible heat corresponding to the temperature measurement is digitally modeled to obtain a complete refrigeration system demand algorithm, thereby realizing fast and accurate temperature and humidity control and improving refrigeration equipment.

Frost-free Control Technology

Technical detail

Based on the temperature digital control model of the air-cooling system of the inverter refrigerator, the temperature of each compartment and the temperature of the evaporator are detected in real time, and the continuous running time and total cooling capacity of the compressor are calculated. Combined with the cross-sectional area of the air duct of the refrigerator and the real-time wind speed, the frost-free optimal is adopted. Control algorithms to achieve automated frost control.

High Energy Efficiency Control Technology

Technical detail

Based on the four processes of isothermal absorption, adiabatic expansion, isothermal exothermic and adiabatic compression of the heat sources at both ends, an efficient and accurate mathematical model algorithm for temperature conversion is established, which controls the compressor speed, the condensing fan speed, the electronic expansion valve opening and the evaporating fan speed. Achieving stable operation and high energy efficiency ratio of the refrigeration system.

Low Temperature Heating Technology

Technical detail

Based on the traditional DC variable frequency heat pump control technology, combined with adaptive cooling control technology, multi-valve body linkage control technology, compressor power priority technology and intelligent frost technology, we are able to achieve heating in ultra-low temperature environment.

Product Application

RV AC System

Adopt household inverter compressor drive control and inverter air conditioner control system, external power supply and vehicle battery dual power supply mode, optional universal LIN-BUS line controller and remote APP control module.

Smart Refrigerator

Utilize DC variable frequency control technology, self-developed multi-room cooling demand algorithm, and the precise temperature and humidity control system, so that the refrigerator can save energy, mute and operate efficiently, and the food can last for a long time.

Inverter AC

Utilize DC variable frequency control technology, and self-developed energy-efficient temperature control system to fully match and exert the performance of the compressor, condenser and evaporator; system applications cover small and medium commercial air conditioners and home air conditioners, including ceiling AC, cabinet AC and hanging AC.

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