The company provides employees with statutory benefits such as insurances and housing fund, and also provides complimentary garden apartment accommodation for employees.

The company pay great attention to every employee and organizes various group building activities to encourage employees to grow and cooperate.

In order to ensure the physical and mental health of Genbyte employees, the company organizes various sports competitions and exercise activities for employees.

The company provides free lunch to the employees. To further care for the work and life of the employees, the company provides free employee shuttle service.

G – The initial of Global, the market Genbyte is facing

Gen – The prefix of General, the technology Genbyte is developing

En –The prefix of Engineering, the foundation of Genbyte

Byte –Same as Byte, the basic unit of information, the building block of Genbyte

Genbyte provides a fair and equal working environment for our employees to work and grow. We believe that everyone should have the same career opportunity.  PCBA Manufacturer ODM/OEM

Employee Showcase

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