Meeting People's Growing IoT Needs

The Internet of Things benefits a lot for customers and consumers, but its development is influenced by a variety of product development challenges, such as rapidly changing needs, consumer expectations, pricing and fierce competition. And this influence continues to expand. As more and more consumers use connected devices, customers increasingly demand high-end devices that are distinctive, powerful, low-energy, inter-operable, and secure.

Our Solutions

Genbyte's comprehensive solutions provide the technologies, tools and relationships needed to create and scale ecosystems across the Internet of Things, and our intelligent platform reduces development time and costs. These solutions provide the connectivity, interoperability, security, and accessibility customers need to develop innovative end products to deliver a more personalized service and a brand-new user experience.

Household IoT

Industry IoT

  • Smart Garage Door

  • Security Monitor

  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

  • Intelligent Manufacturing System Function Module

In-Car IoT

  • RV System

  • Intelligent Trunk

Hardware Module

We provide customized software and hardware solutions for our customers, including common modules such as Bluetooth, Wifi and Zigbee. At the same time we provide the corresponding software development.








Software Development

Could Platform & AI

APP & Wechat Program

Wireless Software

Embedded Software

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