Genbyte Participated In The Intelligent Portable Energy Storage Industry Forum

2023-04-15 19:52


Genbyte technology


Recently, Genbyte co-organizer Amazon Cloud Technology participated in the first stop of the "Intelligent hardware marketing season" "Intelligent portable energy storage Industry Forum", industry experts from Amazon Cloud technology, Guangyun iot, Genbyte technologyand Lexin Technology shared for the intelligent energy storage industry, and launched one-stop technology and supply chain services for "intelligent portable energy storage"; It also recommended the domestic and overseas market operation and promotion marketing matrix strategy as the theme, and discussed the hot topic of leading cross-border new trends driven by Amazon cloud technology and partner technology.



Portable energy storage is generally used in outdoor travel, emergency preparedness and other scenarios of large charging bank, with a variety of data interfaces, support mobile phone, laptop, drone, refrigerator and other products in the mobile electricity scenario charging, matching the use of photovoltaic panels can achieve energy storage device charging. At present, the main application scenario is outdoor activities, and the main market is the United States; The second application scenario is emergency preparedness, and the main market is Japan. Under the impact of the global epidemic, export trade in 2022 has been greatly affected, but "portable energy storage" has a proud growth. At the same time, according to the product heat analysis report, the portable power supply has increased by nearly 93.3% in the past 30 days, and is still a large emerging market with insufficient supply.

Citic Securities research report pointed out that portable energy storage as a branch of the energy storage market, the best in convenient, mainly used in outdoor activities and home temporary backup power. With the improvement of product maturity and the downward cost of energy storage, the industry began to gradually increase in volume around 2018, the global market in 2021 is about 11.1 billion yuan, +161.3% year-on-year, and the industry scale is expected to reach 88.2 billion yuan by 2026, an increase of 7 times in 5 years.

Guest speaker

● Tian Longqiang, head of iot ecology of Amazon Cloud Technology

AIoT international industry chain optimal combination: China hardware industry chain + Amazon cloud technology + localized brand services; The goal of Amazon Cloud technology Internet of Things ecosystem: to serve the "intelligent manufacturing in China" to the sea; The "Smart Hardware Marketing Season" series of activities in 2022 aims to launch one-stop "technology + supply chain" services for smart categories and provide appropriate recommendations for operating methods in overseas markets.

● Chen Qiuyu, CEO of Guangyun iot

Why outdoor energy storage products should be intelligent: they can solve user needs, reflect differentiated advantages, and achieve scene extension; Guangyun IoT released intelligent energy storage private domain iot solutions, providing customers with integrated services of APP, cloud and embedded communication suite, while allowing customers to control the ownership and control of platform data; Let customers freely choose the supply chain; Feel free to customize products according to your needs.

● Chen Weiyu, Deputy General manager of Genbyte technology

Genbyte technology energy storage products one-stop ODM can customize product solutions (energy storage solution + bidirectional inverter), bidirectional inverter can make products value-added, achieve extreme safety, high efficiency energy conversion, strong anti-interference.

● Amazon Cloud Technology Internet of Things technology expert Wang Jianye

Amazon Cloud Technology IoT services, stable, compliant, easy to connect the global Internet of Things platform; Amazon Connect, born out of Amazon e-commerce, global coverage, in line with GDPR requirements, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted service.

● Chen Yu, head of Amazon Global store investment & private brand project

Amazon private brand program has two models, Licensed brands model and accelerator model. The advantages of the two models are: 1. Exclusive promotion; 2. Brand protection resources; 3. Use the VINE review tool for free; 4. Dedicated project manager; 5. Minority language translation service.

● Jing Yuan, cross-border e-commerce ecological manager of Amazon Cloud Technology

The solution of Amazon Cloud Technology eco-partner (distribution ERP/ B2B2C social micro store system/Cloud warehouse + logistics + after-sales digital supply chain system) supports the establishment of self-owned distribution system for high-value and large-sized products. Develop overseas online and offline small B retailers, Drop shippers, overseas KOL/KOC/ cross-border anchor distributors, and improve private overseas distribution channels.



Genbyte technology as one of the organizers, deputy general manager Chen Weiyu delivered a speech "Genbyte technology- two-way inverter and integrated intelligent energy storage ODM service", for intelligent portable energy storage, combined with Amazon cloud technology services, partners Guangyun iot, Genbyte technology, Lexin technology and other joint launch of intelligent portable energy storage Turnkey one-stop solution.

Genbyte is a national high-tech enterprise, and is a well-known supplier of high-end intelligent controllers, variable frequency drives, energy storage, digital power supplies and intelligent Internet of Things modules, providing customers with intelligent hardware, software and system control solutions. With the integration and application of lithium batteries as the core technology, the new energy sector focuses on home energy storage, portable energy storage, network power supply and other fields, providing energy storage products and multi-scenario integration solutions.

With the support of research and innovation, the company relies on the accumulation of technology, in the inverter, BMS, MPPT and main control and other energy storage system related technologies for continuous research and development investment and technological innovation, in response to the national call, actively promote carbon peak, carbon neutrality, seize market opportunities, and strive to provide customers with more valuable products and technical services.