The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of Genbyte Science And Technology Park Was Successfully Held

2023-04-15 19:52


Genbyte Technology



On June 18, 2022, Genbyte Technology Inc. held a groundbreaking ceremony in Guangming District, marking the official start of the construction of Genbyte Science and Technology Park project. Genbyte Intelligent related leaders, core management team and project designers, supervisors, construction representatives and other partners attended the groundbreaking ceremony to witness the milestone moment in the history of Genbyte Intelligent development.

Ms. Tang Juan, Director & General manager of Genbyte Intelligent, Ms. Chen Weiyu, deputy general manager of Genbyte Intelligent, Mr. Chen Zhiguo, chairman of Shenzhen Hongye Bedrock Soil Technology Co., LTD., Mr. Wang Ping, chairman of Shenzhen Jundi Construction Supervision Co., LTD., and Mr. Yin Ming, general manager of high-tech Division of Aoyi Construction Engineering Design Co., LTD., delivered wonderful speeches respectively. Ms. Tang Juan, Director & General Manager, first of all, on behalf of the company, extended a warm welcome to the guests and the Genbyte family to come to the groundbreaking ceremony, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the Guangming District government for vigorously supporting the development of the company! With the joint efforts of everyone, we look forward to creating a first-class quality "Genbyte Science Park" with first-class design, first-class construction and first-class management. Ms. Chen Weiyu, Deputy general manager, said that the company will take this opportunity to rely on core technology advantages and accumulation of R&D and innovation, deeply grasp the development trend of the industry, and strive to develop into the world's leading intelligent control overall solution provider.

Mr. Chen Zhiguo, Chairman of Hongyeji, Mr. Wang Ping, chairman of Jundi, and Mr. Yin Ming, general manager of AoYigao New Business Division, congratulated the project on the groundbreaking. They will cooperate sincerely and closely, and work together to promote the smooth development of the project, speed up the construction of Genbyte Science and Technology Park with high standards and high levels, and make the project a beautiful business card. 


Finally, in the salute, warm applause, leaders and guests with the gold shovel, soil cultivation foundation, the project foundation laying ceremony was successfully completed. The construction of Genbyte Science and Technology Park will further expand production capacity, improve the company's research and development and high-end manufacturing capabilities, enhance the company's overall image and technology research and development level, which is the embodiment of the company's comprehensive strength. In the future, the company will seize market opportunities, strive to become bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Guangming District.