Inverter Control

Inverter control related products include automotive inverter compressor drive controller, industrial inverter fan drive controller, home appliance inverter compressor controller and power tool BLDC controller. 

Vector Control Technology

Technical detail

With the traditional vector inverter control, combined with the single-resistance current sampling algorithm of the PWM phase shift principle, we are able to achieve high reliability, small current control distortion and wide application range. The coordinate switching algorithm based on large torque is also used to improve the startup success rate of the variable frequency motor under different load conditions, and the dynamic real-time tracking weak magnetic control algorithm is applied to adapt to the fluctuation characteristics of the DC bus voltage.

Torque Compensation Technology

Technical detail

Based on the pulsating load characteristics of variable frequency motor in single rotor compressor application, the independent research and development of effective torque compensation technology, with reference to discrete Fourier transform, improves phase-locked loop and torque feed-forward control algorithm. The torque compensation and amplitude self-adaptive tracking technology achieve low-frequency stable operation of single-rotor compressor, reduce compressor vibration and noise, and improve product reliability.

Position Detection Technology

Technical detail

Based on the position sensor-free traditional algorithm for rotor position detection of variable frequency motor, combined with high frequency injection method, forced positioning method and forced drag method, we are able to achieve smooth start, linear acceleration and seamless cut-in of variable frequency motor without relying on specific motor parameters. Additionally, we greatly reduce the startup noise and jitter of the inverter motor.

Automatic Parameter Identification

Technical detail

Based on the adaptive control algorithm of multi-type variable frequency motor parameters, the static and dynamic parameter identification technology are used to accurately calculate the inverter motor itself and the system operating parameters, to adapt to the effective control of the variable frequency motor and the standardized design of the algorithm, and to improve the product development efficiency and High reliability.

Our Technology

Product Application

Power Tool

Energy-saving, noise-reducing BLDC and BDC drive technology, torque control technology.

Achieve high efficiency, low noise operation, and accurate speed and torque regulation, greatly improving the endurance, equally applicable to products that use electric motors, such as air conditioners.

Inverter AC

AC asynchronous motor drive technology, integrated fresh air system control, and various protection solutions.

Ensure accurate temperature and humidity control, high quality PM2.5 air purification, remove harmful substances from the air.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor (FOC) control technology, inverter refrigerator system control.

Arriving precise control of each temperature zone, multi-temperature zone balance, greatly improving the coefficient of performance (COP), energy saving and environmental protection.

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